Patient Success Stories

Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences. These are the sort of success stories that MASPP physicians and staff make possible every day.

  • Running Is Her Serenity, Pain Her Foe

    Not only was running important to Julie*, it was a way of life. When younger, she would run around outside with her brothers, chasing after them. While in school...

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  • Accident Invokes Unbearable Pain

    Her pain was unbearable. No longer could she push the sweeper or take care of household laundry. Gone were the days she could play outside with her grandchildren...

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  • 15 Years of Agonizing Back Pain Ends

    As an office manager in the catering business, Christy had a demanding job. She was constantly getting up and down from her desk throughout the day, and often fo...

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  • Beating the Pain and Back to Normal

    Elizabeth remembers it clearly. It was September when she was first hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. So acute that she remained in the hospital while tes...

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  • Relief from Pain Restored Her Life

    It just seemed to appear out of nowhere. One morning Teresa awoke only to find herself doubled over in pain. The pain was sharp and deep, racing through her body...

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  • Free of Pain that Crippled Her Life

    Shannon* could not take the pain any more. The sharp, burning pain in her stomach had taken over her life and she saw no way out. After removal of a rare form of...

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